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Hi, I'm Orange Silverio!

I started working online  back in 2009 inside a hot, noisy, and smelly computer shop after I resigned in my corporate job.

Transitioning in this industry was never a walk in the park. I got shares of my ups and downs until I met and learned from one of the best digital marketing geniuses in the Philippines – Nix Eniego.

I learned how incorporate marketing to one of my favorite app, Pinterest and develop the PIN Method to help me, my business, and my clients build successful brand on Pinterest.

I learned this by…

Working for over a hundred Pinterest accounts. I got to see the analytics. I made lots of case studies. I did troubleshooting and guiding my clients to make better business decisions. And it worked in several different markets – from content creators to eCommerce business owners.

Personal Support. With the help of my mentors and the colleagues I learned from, I refined and mastered the skill of using Pinterest.

Understanding that there is no one-size-fits-all strategy. I understood that every business is unique. So I got used to creating plans that work well in a variety of businesses.

And having said that, I can only know am just so excited to be working with your brand and make Pinterest work for you too!

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